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Hundreds in central Istanbul protest Turkey referendum results After IS defeat U.S. will possibly cut support to Syrian Kurds: professor tells Kurdpress West intervenes whenever army advances: Assad New constitution will decide on Kurdish demands for federalism: Bashar al-Assad Independence referendum needs parliamentary mandate: PUK and Gorran Iran election televised debates to be aired live Iranian, Russian defense ministers to meet in days 13 PKK fighters killed in Kurdish southeast in 2 days: local media Iran denounces Paris terrorist attack Kurdpress meeting discusses role of media in elections Situation in Naqada after heavy flood hits the city Woman injured in Turkey jets’ bombing on Qandil Germany will not send new weapons to Peshmerga forces: FM Bashar al-Assad says not unlikely to visit Iranian, Russian presidents Russia-Iran-Turkey continue to strengthen Syria ceasefire: Lavrov Turkish court releases pro-Kurdish HDP lawmaker Turkey's AKP claims Kurdish support for referendum, Kurds say otherwise / Amberin Zaman Iranian women have high social standing: Turkish minister Final list of Iran presidential candidates released Kurdistan Region’s independence cannot end Kurdish disputes: institute Erdogan says Obama deceived Turkey over PKK Yezidis in Kurdistan Region celebrate Red Wednesday PUK says referendum cannot be held without parliament HDP deputy Burcu Celik arrested days after referendum Tehran meeting on Syrian settlement calls for political solution of Syria crisis German foreign minister arrives in Erbil US approves military equipment sale to Peshmerga U.S., Turkey presidents to meet in Washington in May: FM “Massive Electoral Fraud” in Turkey’s Referendum / David L. Phillips New ambassador says Iran will stand by Iraq in any condition ENKS to reopen offices in northern Syria Establishing Kurdish state a right but now is not the time for independence: Abadi European Commission urges Turkey to launch investigations into referendum results Kurds extending control in northern Syria Iran’s new ambassador to Iraq arrives in Baghdad Iran, Russia keen to boost defense cooperation: official Army day celebrated in Sanandaj Barzani congratulates Turkish president, PM on victory in referendum 12 killed in police helicopter crash in Turkey Floods inundates Piranshahr and its rivers Kurdistan Region lacks situation to quit Iraq: Gorran deputy Amar al-Hakim sympathizes with victims Iran’s recent floods Russia lifts visa requirements for Iranians Can Turkish democracy count on defected conservatives, rather than Kurds? / Barcin Yinanc Scuffle erupts between Kurds, Turks in northwest France after Turkey constitution referendum Referendum result is ‘democratic victory’ of ‘no’ camp: CHP Iran exports up by 35% last year: Minister Zarif offers congratulates Turkey over ‘Yes’ vote in referendum US policies in Syria are doomed to failure: official Kurdistan independence not to be easy process: Official