Rising Kurdistan flag within legalizing Iraq’s constitution, Kirkuk council chief tells Kurdpress
The chief of Kirkuk provincial council stated that a 10-year- delay has been occurred in rising the flag of Kurdistan due to the situation in Iraq and the move in rising the flag is within legalizing the article 140 of the constitution.

 Ribwar Talabani told Kurdpress that rising the flag of Kurdistan Region in Kirkuk province was on the legal request of the province’s Governor Najmaddin Karim and within putting the Article 140 into action.

He stressed that rising the flag is quite legal.

Answering the question about an Iraqi parliament decision in blaming the rising of the flag and demanding the officials of the province to lower it down, Talabani stated that the parliament annulled its decision.

All Turkmans and Arabs are with rising the flag in the province and voted for it and we will, surely, negotiate with those some blocs that are against the decision, he said about the opposition of some Turkman and Arab blocs against the decision.

H also assured that the Iraqi central government will not cut the salaries of clerks in Kirkuk as it is illegal and will follow international reactions against it and Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stated that it will not take such a measure.

He blamed the opposition of other countries, Turkey in particular, to the decision and stated that these remarks are real mediation in Iraq internal affairs and as the issue of Kirkuk is related to Iraq and they are the Iraqis who should solve its own problems.

Talabani told Kurdpress reporter Hassan Salahi that Kirkuk provincial council’s decision to hold a referendum in Kirkuk is within deciding the fate of the province as the central government in Baghdad has not put the constitutional articles of the referendum in Kirkuk and other regions into action and that is the right of people in Kirkuk to ask the prime minister and Baghdad to take the action as the Article 140 of the Iraqi constitution has clearly stated that the fate of the regions has to be decided by a referendum.

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News Code: 15667  |  Date: 2017/04/08  |  Time: 15 : 0

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