Over 56 million Iranians eligible to vote on May 19
More than 56 million Iranians are eligible to take part in the upcoming elections. The figure is 12 percent higher than that of the previous vote held in 2013.

Iran Interior Ministry says more than 1.3 million people can vote for the first time this year. The voting age has been legally established at 18. On May 19, people will cast their ballots to choose their next president and members of the city and village councils. Campaigning is ongoing with candidates trying to garner more support from voters.

Qalibaf calls for anti-lie movement

Iran’s presidential hopeful Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf calls for what he calls an anti-lie movement. Addressing his supporters in the capital Tehran, Qalibaf accused the incumbent president Rouhani of lying to the public. He says he's only concerned about the people and working toward their interests and will take no heed of accusations. Tehran's mayor stressed nobody including him is against freedom. Qalibaf renewed criticism of the present administration’s economic policies, which he says have made the country go through a crisis. Qalibaf says the poor and the underprivileged have been neglected.

Aqa-Mirsalim raps Rouhani administration's performance

Iranian presidential candidate Mostafa Aqa-Mirsalim has held a campaign rally in one of Tehran’s universities. He sharply criticized some of his rivals' promise of increasing the monthly cash subsidies. Aqa-Mirsalim told his supporters that he will definitely not make such a promise. He also highlighted the major role of the youth in resolving the country's problems. Aqa-Miralim blames the Rouhani administration’s policies for a spike in the number of Iranians studying abroad.

The principlist candidate voiced his opposition against some of the eleventh administration’s foreign policies. If elected president, Aqa-Mirsalim has pledged to improve relations with Iran’s neighboring countries. He has vowed NOT to withdraw from the presidential race.

Rouhani calls for maximum voter turnout

President Hassan Rouhani has called for efforts to maximize voter turnout in the May 19 elections. Rouhani says taking part in the elections enhances hope and national esteem and symbolizes power in the Islamic Republic. The Iranian president was addressing parliamentarians who had gathered in the capital Tehran to express support for him. Rouhani criticized some of his rivals promising to triple monthly cash subsidies, saying such a measure would increase the inflation rate greatly. He also recounted many of his administration’s achievements in different sectors including foreign policy, economy, and agriculture.

Jahangiri says US hindering JCPOA implementation

Iran's first vice-president Es’haq Jahangiri has slammed the US for putting obstacles in the way of full implementation of the nuclear deal between Tehran and the P5+1. Jahangiri said he believes the other signatories of the Iran nuclear deal including China and Russia will not allow the US to solely disrupt the accord. However, he said the Trump administration’s anti-Iran posture threatens to undermine Iran's reconnection with the world. Jahangiri who is running for president, further defended the Rouhani administration’s measures including its move to strike the nuclear agreement. He expressed confidence that Iranians will vote for the sitting government to continue its work. Jahangiri blamed an economic downturn on both western sanctions and mismanagement of the previous administration.

Hashemi-Taba elaborates on his economic plans in TV interview

Iranian presidential candidate Mostafa Hashemi-Taba has outlined his plans to address the country’s economic challenges. During a TV interview, Hashemi-Taba highlighted the importance of attracting domestic and foreign investments. He also pledged to overhaul Iran’s banking sector should he win the May 19th vote.

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