Iran, Iraq to counter dust storms: vice president
The Iranian Vice-President and head of the Environment Department stated in remarks in Sanandaj, Kurdistan province, that the country is going to launch a training center in Iraq to educate Iraqis on effective ways to address the issue of dust storms and the particle pollution that is overwhelming the region.

Masoumeh Ebtekar told Kurdistan provincial council on Saturday that they started negotiations with the Iraqi government on addressing dust storms originated from the country and possible ways to tackle the problem about a month ago.

 “Talks are expected to be finalized within days,” Ebtekar added.

“In addition to establishing such a center, plans are in place for creating a training farm with preliminary steps already taken,” she said.

Ebtekar further added that based on an announcement by the Iraqi government, as a result of improvement of security in Iraq, it is now more ready to help resolve the problem of dust.

Referring to eight million hectares of dust centers identified in Iraq, she said the United Nations has already issued some resolutions regarding dust storms in the region.

She added that Tehran is to host the first international meeting on dust storms in early July.

Every now and then, Iran is hit by big dust storms that can cripple people’s lives.

Seventy percent of the particle pollution affecting Iran comes from foreign countries including Iraq, Syria and Jordan and even reach the capital Tehran due to their magnitude.

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News Code: 15926  |  Date: 2017/05/15  |  Time: 9 : 9

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