Kirkuk provincial council threatens to sue Iraqi PM Abadi
The provincial council of Kirkuk has threatened to take legal actions against Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi over failing to implement the article 140 from the country’s constitution in Kirkuk.

Rebwar Talabani, head of the council, told al-Ghad Press on Sunday that complaint will be also filed against former prime ministers, Ibrahim al-Jafari and Nouri al-Maliki, as they had, according to the official, delayed the implementation of the article 140 for political reasons.

The article is set to allow a referendum in Kirkuk and all other disputed Kurdish areas so as to the people decide on their future, whether staying under the jurisdiction of the Iraqi federal government or joining the Kurdistan Region.

However, Talabani reaffirmed that a referendum, promised by the Kurdistan Regional Government, will also cover Kirkuk to annex the multiethnic province to the Kurdish region, BasNews reported.

The official also criticized Baghdad for delaying an operation to liberate neighboring Hawija from Islamic State (IS), saying the presence of the jihadists in the western town of Kirkuk province remains a serious threat to central Kirkuk.

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News Code: 15932  |  Date: 2017/05/15  |  Time: 15 : 5

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