Syria solution will not go through UN: Sayda
Klis, Turkey- Syrian National Council (SNC) leader, Abdulbaset Sayda Said solving Syria crisis will not be achieved by the United Nations.

Visiting a refugee camp of Syrian people in Turkey border with Syria, Sayda said new UN-Arab League envoy to Syria crisis is a capable and experienced diplomat and cares a lot about humanitarian situation in the country but “The reality is that finding a solution for the crisis will not be found by Akhzar Ebrahimi.”

“As Bashar al-Assad’s main opposition, we are looking for ways to the crisis out of UN. I believe a no- fly zone has to be created soon,” the Kurdish leader said. “Also efforts have to be put into finding a secure area to speed up developments.”

He further added that Syria developments will impact on both Turkey government and people.

News Code: 2305  |  Date: 2012/08/22  |  Time: 15 : 19

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