Erbil bombings was a message to Kurdish leaders: IS
The Islamic State (IS), Kirkuk branch, claimed the responsibility of a last week suicide attack in Kurdistan Region's capital, Erbil, and said the bombings was a message to Kurdish leaders in the region.

The radical group said in a statement that sending a Kurdish member of the group into Erbil is a threat by the IS against the Kurdish leaders and parties that are fighting the group in Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani and Iraq's northern city of Mosul.

The statement further revealed the identity of the bomber as Abdulrahman al-Kurdi, a Kurds.

Five people were killed and 30 others wounded in the last Wednesday car bomb attack at the center of the city.

News Code: 8920  |  Date: 2014/11/23  |  Time: 11 : 13

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