Syrian Kurds eager for friendly ties with Turkey: co-chair
The co-leader of Syrian Democratic Parliament stated that Kurds in Syria are eager to have close and friendly ties with Turkey.

We were in negotiation with Turkish government as crisis started in Syria but the talks halted due to Turkey’s support to the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group.

Elham Ahmad told Turkish DW that stability in Turkey and Syria are interrelated  and destroying the IS will be in Turkey’s interest, adding that there were talks between Kurds in Syria and Turkish government but they were stopped due to Ankara support to the IS.

She further asked the U.S. and Europe from Kurds in Syria for bringing an end to the IS in the country and establishing a democratic Syria, reiterating that steps are being taken for declaring a federal region in Syrian Kurdistan.

News Code: 13547  |  Date: 2016/06/25  |  Time: 11 : 8

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