Peshmerga retakes control of Shingal from IS
The Kurdish Peshmerga forces managed to defeat IS after three days of clashes and took control of Shingal town near Mosul on Saturday, Peshmerga sources said.

 “Peshmerga forces succeeded in entering Shingal town with the U.S-led international coalition’s airstrikes support. A lot of IS militants were forced to withdraw from Shingal and to escape to Mosul city, while some others are still resisting,” a commander from Peshmerga forces told The Anadolu Agency reporter on the ground.

Meanwhile, Iraqi security forces managed to repel IS’s attack on Ramadi city on Saturday in the western Iraqi province of Anbar, a government official said. An Iraqi army official denied any involvement of U.S. troops in the defense of Ramadi.

IS had been in control of Shingal, which is 77 miles west of Mosul -- where the group began its large-scale campaign that tore through Iraq -- and home to many Yazidi Kurds.

The Yazidi population is estimated at 600,000 and a number of Yazidi minority groups live in Turkey, Syria, Iran, Georgia and Armenia.

The U.S. is leading an international coalition which has carried out numerous airstrikes against IS in Iraq and Syria since the militant group took over Mosul, in northern Iraq, in June.

Iraq has been in a security vacuum since June, when IS stormed Mosul and declared what it called a caliphate in parts of Iraq and Syria.


News Code: 9135  |  Date: 2014/12/20  |  Time: 22 : 32

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