U.S. forces wearing Kurdish patches while fighting IS in Syria
Some American Special Forces fighting the Islamic State (IS) in Syria are wearing Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) patches on their uniforms as they back up Kurdish troops, dailydot reported.

Early on Wednesday, American and Kurdish troops, along with some Russian support, launched an offensive against the area surrounding Raqqa. The operation is aimed at "putting pressure on Raqqa" but not capturing the city, an American military spokesman told the BBC.

Far to the south in Iraq, the country's soldiers and militias, along with American-led coalition forces, are fighting near the IS-controlled city of Fallujah, less than 40 miles from Baghdad. That offensive is intended to capture Fallujah, which has been used as a base of attack against the capital city.

The fighting in Fallujah has been exceptionally violent, with reports that IS is using death squads against any civilians who try to flee the city during the chaos.


News Code: 13326  |  Date: 2016/05/26  |  Time: 20 : 50

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