Islamic party in Kurdistan Region decides to remain in government
Kurdistan Islamic Community (KIC), a party in Kurdistan Region’s parliament, stated that it will not leave the government of the region that is hit by political crisis.

According to Iswat al-Iraq news base, a member of the party, Abdulsatar Majid, told a press conference that despite the fact that there are member of the party who believe that the agreement between the KIC and ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has not been made as its was due to be but the Islamic party will not leave government.

Majid, the minister of the region’s agriculture sector, added that his party had vowed not to take part in the government before the speaker of the parliament returns to his post but the party has now changed its stance and will remain in the government.

News Code: 13561  |  Date: 2016/06/26  |  Time: 13 : 47

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