Qatar, Saudi Arabia behind IS creation: Iraqi official
A member of the foreign Relations of the Iraqi parliament stated Qatar and Saudi Arabia are behind the establishment of the terroristic group of the Islamic State (IS).


Mathal al-Alothi told Sky Press that the goal behind remarks that are trying to make the belief that the IS has been created by Iran and Syria is to sow ethnic discord in Iraq and divide the state.

He stated there are some political figures who receive money from those lines that provide finance to the IS in order to foment disputes in Iraq.

He went on to say that "we welcome any forces, under whatever name, to help us releasing Anbar (province)."

He further hailed Iran's support and aids to free Iraq from the IS, warning that the goal behind ethnic disputes, that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are leading with U.S. support is to divide Iraq, reiterating that international research center reports confirm that Saudi Arabia and Qatar have created the IS.


News Code: 10445  |  Date: 2015/05/23  |  Time: 10 : 7

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