Peshmerga is fighting on behalf of Europe: official
Bulgaria main opposition party leader Yaneh Yanev said the Kurdish forces of Peshmerga are fighting the militants of thew Islamic State on behalf of the state and Europe.

In the letter Yanev explains that Bulgaria should be one of the most committed to the efforts of the international community in the fight against terrorism and assist the Kurdish fighters, Focus News Agency said.

“Destabilization of the Iraqi Kurdistan may lead to very serious restructuring of the political and military situation in the entire region and cause serious clashes at the international energy market.

Thus, what the Kurdish soldiers are doing at the moment protects Bulgaria, the EU and the democratic international community.

The U.S.A and France announced that they would help the Kurds and started a really serious operation. However, the Kurds do not need as much heavy armament as they need grenade launchers, machine-guns, mortars and ammunitions. Bulgaria may provide all this,” Yanev remarks, and addresses the prime minister asking him to take concrete actions in the fight against the Jihadists.

News Code: 8231  |  Date: 2014/08/31  |  Time: 14 : 38

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