PUK high-profile official quits party, joins KDP
A high-ranking official in Patriotic Union of Kurdistan left the party and joined the former ruling ally Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).

“I resigned from the PUK led by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani and was very welcomed in the KDP led by Massoud Barzani and I will continue my activities as a member of the KDP,” Mahyadin Mazroui told al-Musalama daily.

Talabani’s absence has made a big gap in the PUK and no one can fill his place in the party, the resigned Mazroui said about the reason of his decision, noting that the party no longer follows a logical politics.

Receiving a severe heart stroke in December 2012, Talabani has been hospitalized in Berlin Charite Hospital since the time and has left politics. Disputes grow inside the party in absence of the charismatic leader.

News Code: 7115  |  Date: 2014/04/16  |  Time: 10 : 26

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