Peshmerga capture key road, 7 kilometers far from Mosul
Kurdish forces of Peshmerga on Sunday captured a key road linking the northern Iraqi town of Bashiqa to the Daesh-held Mosul in the north of Iraq and are now 7 kilometers away from the districts of the city.

According to Kurdpress reporter at Mosul war fronts, Brigadier General Weisi, the commander of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces of Zerevani, stated that the forces are 7 kilometers far from the city.

The closest district to Bashiqa, where Kurds are in intense fighting with Daesh, is Hey Tahrir. Peshmerga took control of the neighborhood in 2004 but withdrew after making agreements with the international coalition.

Peshmerga liberated the villages of Fazlyeh, Tarbozeh, Omer Ghamchi in Bashiqa axis, the regions Iraqi Kurds consider as Kurdish and a part of the autonomous Iraqi northern region of Kurdistan.

News Code: 14468  |  Date: 2016/10/24  |  Time: 10 : 27

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