Won’t be a part of regional sectarian struggle : Massoud Barzani
Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani insisted that the Kurdish region would not be a part of the sectarian struggle in the region.

In a Sunday meeting with Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn and his delegates, Barzani reiterated that the Kurdish region will not be a part of the sectarian struggle in the Middle East.

“Although Kurdistan is in a difficult war, we understand our national and humanitarian responsibility to accommodate and protect IDPs and we will continue to do so,” Barzani said about the situation in the region and its ties with other states.

He said that the Peshmerga fight against IS militants must also combat their ideology and take control of financial resources, adding that the IS is a threat not only to the region but to the whole world.

“The terrorists [IS militants] will not be given the space to continue their activities,” said Barzani, reiterating that the Western states should take needed measure not to allow the freedoms in the regional countries to be used for terroristic goals.

The current political situation, the financial crisis and the relationship between Erbil and Baghdad were also discussed. Barzani stressed that Kurds have a culture of harmony and tolerance and will never be part of a sectarian struggle in the region, BasNews reported.

“Terrorism and radicalism will never have space in Kurdistan,” he added.

Addressing relations between Erbil and Baghdad, Barzani said that the Kurdistan Regional Government is committed to the recently signed deal, and it awaits its implementation.

Asselborn told Barzani that among European countries, there is a strong political will to provide military and humanitarian aid to Kurdistan region, noting that in cooperation with Germany, they are ready to provide medical treatment for Peshmerga wounded in the conflict with IS.

News Code: 9984  |  Date: 2015/03/30  |  Time: 13 : 18

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