Demirtas announces articles decided for negotiation in peace talks
Turkey Pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Co-chairperson Selahattin Demirtas has unveiled 10 articles he said parties have agreed to negotiate on as part of the settlement process launched to address the country's Kurdish issue in the state, Zaman daily reported.

Speaking during a live interview on CNN Turk on Wednesday night, Demirtas indicated that the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Ankara government were planning to move past the negotiation process and make a joint statement announcing the articles they have agreed on for negotiation, but added that the government made a last-minute attempt to change the draft document.

 “A draft text was agreed upon, but the government wanted to make changes to this text. They were going to say that Ocalan was calling on the PKK to lay down arms and we announced that this was not true,” he said.

According to Demirtas, the 10 articles the parties in the talks agreed to discuss include: the content of democratic politics, national and international aspects of a democratic solution to the issue, legal and democratic guarantees of free citizenship, issues related to democratic politics, relations with society and its institutionalization, the socio-economic aspects of the settlement process, the new security structure the settlement process will lead to, legal guarantees to address womens' rights, cultural and ecological problems, the definition of identity and creation of equality mechanisms and a new constitution that would be needed to internalize these democratic moves. Also included would be the definitions of “democratic republic,” “common land” and a “nation with democratic principles.”

In an attempt to solve the decades-old Kurdish and terrorism problems, at the end of 2012 the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government launched talks with Ocalan, the jailed leader of the PKK.

HDP deputy Sirri Sureyya Onder earlier alleged that the issue of autonomy for Kurds is also being included in the negotiation draft plan for the ongoing settlement process. The government denied Onder's claims.

News Code: 9717  |  Date: 2015/02/26  |  Time: 14 : 45

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