Barzani orders Peshmerga to support YPG forces
The President of Kurdistan Region Massoud Barzani has ordered the Kurdish forces of Peshmerga to go to Syria Kurdish cites of Kobani and Hasaka to help the Kurdish fighters of the Peoples’ Protection Units (YPG).

Barzani ordered Peshmerga forces to help Syrian Kurdish fighters who are on offensive against the terrorists of the Islamic State (IS), the general commander of the Peshmerga forces Brigadier General Jamal Muhamad said.

He told Shar Press that Peshmerga forces would apply all their capability to put Barzani’s order into action.

The report comes days after the jihadists killed some 200 civilians and Kurdish forces in bomb attacks and street fighting in Kobani.

Some groups of Peshmerga were deployed to Kobani months ago when the city was under the IS siege but the forces returned the Iraqi Kurdish region after the IS was defeated, the first major defeat of the group in its advance in Iraq and Syria.

News Code: 10747  |  Date: 2015/06/30  |  Time: 15 : 16

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