Iraqi forces kill 25 IS militants near Tikrit
Iraqi forces backed by local tribes and Shiite militias killed 25 militants of the Islamic State (IS) on Tuesday in the northern province of Salahadin, a Shiite militia spokesman said.

"Most of the killed Daesh [the Arabic acronym for the militant group also known as IS] militants were Arab nationals not Iraqis," Karim al- Nouri al-Hashid, an al-Sha’bi Shiite militia’s spokesman told The Anadolu Agency. "The majority of the militants retreated to central Tikrit."

Iraqi security forces backed by Shiite militias have launched a ground offensive against the IS on Monday to recapture Tikrit city, aiming to approach IS stronghold of Mosul. Tikrit, a Sunni-majority city, was the homeland of the deceased Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

News Code: 9783  |  Date: 2015/03/05  |  Time: 11 : 5

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