Jabar Yawar denies exact time set for Mosul operation
The spokesman for Kurdistan Region's Peshmerga fighters Jabbar Yawar has said that the Mosul operation will be launched before year of 2017, but the exact time of its start is not fixed yet.

Yawar told IRNA that 'We never announce (our) military plans,' stressing that the plans for beginning the Mosul operation are near completion.

“We're waiting for the Iraqi Army's forces to get stationed alongside the roads to take part in the operation through Kurdistan region,” he said.

According to the official, a certain amount of coordination still remains to be done between Iraqi army and Peshmerga fighters.

Commenting on the remarks by certain Turkish officials that the Mosul operation will be launched within the next week, he said it is the Iraqi officials who decide on confrontations with the terrorist group of Daesh.

News Code: 14286  |  Date: 2016/10/01  |  Time: 12 : 3

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