University to be opened in Qamishlo
Syrian Kurds are planned to open today in the Qamishlo, the biggest Kurdish city in the state that has been entangled in a civil war since 2011, Ronahi TV said in a report.

According to the TV the university will accept student in three courses of History, law and sociology in two languages of Kurdish and Arabic.

Called Mesopotamia Academy, the university is in Cezire, one of the three cantons Syrian Kurds established two years ago after controlling Kurdish regions.

More courses are to be taught in the university.

The report comes at a time that education minister of Kobani, another canton in the Kurdish regions, said there is no Arab student in the canton and Kurmanici, major dialect in Kurdish language, will be the main language in Kobani.

News Code: 8249  |  Date: 2014/09/02  |  Time: 13 : 7

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