Experts blame government managemental and limited resources for urban slums
Two university professors attending in the International Conference on Urban Slums told the government management and shortage of resources are among the most important reasons for the existence of urban life and informal settlements.

There are multiple problems that have led to the creation of urban slums not one problem or side, Mahyar Arefi told Kurdpress on the sideline of the two-day conference in the Iranian northern western city of Sanandaj on Thursday April 5, the second day of the conference.

One problem is limited resources and the other one is that urban management system is not efficient, he said, adding that we have a lot of redundancies and parallel efforts and without managing them the desired results are not achieved.

“Informal management has turned into a life style, when you have limited resources and you cannot do any thing about that you are a kind of stuck with what you have. Instead of looking at informal settlements as a problem, you can think about it as a kind of market, solution to certain realities of life,’ he also said about the settlements.

Governments try to be more efficient and they like to do it but they have problems, the Iranian professor in Cincinnati University further told Kurdpress.

He, however, blamed people in the informal settlements and said a lot of our urban management people need to more active regarding the problem and they need to be educated.

Speaking to Kurdpress, Graham Tipple, a professor in Newcastle University, blamed shortage of resources and the government for sending people with duties but without sources for the situation, asking the government to be active at the structural level to overcome the trouble.

The English professor also asked the governments to direct the sources towards the poor more than they do for the rich.

The full interview will be released in days.

News Code: 13184  |  Date: 2016/05/05  |  Time: 22 : 28

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