Peshmerga will liberate Kurdish regions in Mosul operation: official tells Kurdpress
The chief of Peshmerga media relations states that the Kurdish forces will liberate Kurdish regions in the operation to liberate the Iraqi northern city of Mosul.

Sergeant Helgurd Hekmat Malla Ali told Kurdpress that Peshmerga forces are in a good situation in the operation, adding that the second phase of the operation is to be ended and Peshmerga forces are cleansing bombs have been planted by the terrorist group of Daesh.

The advances of Peshmerga are to be halted gradually and it is now Iraqi army’s turn to make advances, the official told Kurdpress.

Malla Ali went on to add that Peshmerga forces made advances yesterday October 23 and attached the two regions of Bashiqa and Nawaran, revealing that some Kurdish regions have remained under the control of Daesh and Peshmerga will only liberate the regions that are Kurdish.

News Code: 14474  |  Date: 2016/10/24  |  Time: 15 : 11

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