Syria Kurdish regions need autonomy: PYD official tells Kurdpress
Syrian Kurdish regions need autonomy with the participation of all Kurdish parties in the region, pro- Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) high- level official, Aldar Khalil told Kurdpress on Monday in Erbil.

“We are negotiating with all Kurdish parties over the controlling system of the regions and have, fortunately, made agreements with our comrades in Kurdish Nation Coalition (KNC),” Khalil said, adding that the autonomy will be kept until a free election is held in the region, with the participation of all parties and blocs.

The PYD official further said they have discussed autonomy and other issues with KNC officials in a recent meeting in Qamishlo, Syria biggest Kurdish city in the north of the country.

We also traded views over the killing of some Kurdish citizens by Mustafa Jomea’s Freedom Party forces and agreed to investigate the issue in great detail.

“Syria Kurds face two main troubles, economic sanction and siege due to the closure of Turkey- Kurdistan Region’s border gate way and the attack of al- Qaeda- affiliated extremist groups,” he said.

Khalil also voiced his hope that the upcoming Kurdish National Congress will discuss the developments in Syria Kurdish regions in detail and stress on autonomy as a necessity for the Kurds in the war- torn country.


News Code: 5336  |  Date: 2013/09/03  |  Time: 9 : 35

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