BDP asks Ban Ki-Moon to invite Syria Kurds to Geneva II
Turkey pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) asked the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to invite the Syrian Kurdish parties to the upcoming Geneva II talks to boost democracy in the war-torn country.

In a letter to the UN to official, BDP said the Kurds have always been oppressed by the Syria government and despite war in the country and the interfere of the foreign fighters and the seizure of the country’s revolution the Kurds have been able to make a stable situation in the Kurdish regions in the north of the country and therefore they should be invited to Geneva II.

The Kurds signed an agreement weeks ago in Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan Region in the north of Iraq and decided they should attend at the international conference as a third line, the letter went on to say, adding that a Kurdish democratic autonomy is needed in the north of Syria if the country is expected to be democratic.

The Kurdish parties of Syria are acting under Kurds National Council, the main body representing the country’s Kurds.


News Code: 6336  |  Date: 2014/01/11  |  Time: 9 : 57

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