ISIS releases currency, Osama Bin Laden image in on notes
The Islamic State if Iraq and Sham (ISIS), an extremist group fighting in Iraq and Syria, has released its own currency. The notes have the image of former Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

According to Arabic News media, the currency was released in ISIS-controlled regions, including Anbar province in Iraq and the Iraqi-Syrian border.

According to BasNews the currency has been named Islamic Pound and images of it have been published on a number of Arab media outlets.

On the one hundred Islamic Pound notes one can see the alleged signatures of ISIS leader as well as the Finance Minister. However the names are not printed in block letters, making the men’s identities ambiguous.

A few days ago, Sheikh Ahmed Abu Risha, who chairs the Sahwa or Awakening Council in Anbar, a group which has proved vital in fighting al-Qaeda in Iraq, revealed that ISIS is in fact about to release a currency in Anbar, proving that the group has a strong grasp on the Iraqi province.

The Iraqi province has seen a number of clashes between Sunni militant groups and the Iraqi army.


News Code: 6627  |  Date: 2014/02/11  |  Time: 12 : 34

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