August 7, 2018 / 12:13 PM
Syrian Kurds ready to assist army in Sweida offensive:YPG

Kurdish forces are willing and ready to assist government forces in their Sweida anti-IS campaign, Firat news agency reported on Sunday, citing a YPG commander.

In an interview, Commander General Sipan Hemo said the YPG has repeatedly demonstrated its competence in battling and defeating IS terrorists in many parts of Syria.
“[The] YPG has proved its success in the fight against IS [Daesh in Arabic] and terrorist organizations. The YPG forces under the roof of SDF have liberated one third of the country from ISIS,” the senior YPG officer said.
Syrian Army troops and allied local militiamen were enraged by a string of IS terrorist attacks which targeted Sweida’s Druze community last month, killing some 200 civilians. Dozens of young girls were also abducted by the terrorists and are yet to be released.
Commander General Hemo likened the assault on Sweida, which he described as a “savage act,” to IS’s campaign against Kobane a few years ago, expressing the Kurds’ solidarity with the people of Sweida.
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