August 9, 2018 / 09:49 PM
Iraqi forces replace Hashid al-Shaabi units in Shingal

Shia paramilitaries on Thursday, August 9, withdrew from Shingal in Nineveh province and were replaced by Iraqi government forces, NRT reported.

The deployment of Iraqi forces is part of a plan to reopen the border crossing between Syria and Iraq at Rabia, which has been closed for four years, a leader for Hashid al-Shaabi told NRT on the condition of anonymity.
He said that the Peshmerga and Iraqi forces are expected to reopen the Shingal-Duhok road after they reach an agreement.
Shingal has been under control of Iraqi forces since a military operation in mid-October 2017 against Kurdish-held areas in the aftermath of the Kurdistan Region’s independence referendum.
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