June 12, 2018 / 11:12 AM
Canada unlikely to proceed arming Peshmerga: defense minister

Canada’s defense minister says the federal government is unlikely to proceed with a plan to give millions of dollars’ worth of weapons to Kurdish forces of Peshmerga fighting Islamic State militants in Iraq.

“I would say right now that arming the Kurds with the plans that we had is unlikely to happen at this juncture,” Gen. Jonathan Vance told reporters on Monday, June 11.
Last year, Canada announced that it would give the Kurds weapons such as rifles, machine-guns, grenade launchers and anti-tank missiles as part of Canada's revamped mission to help eradicate IS in the region.
Vance, however, said Monday that the end goal of that plan was achieved without the need to transfer weapons to the Kurds.
“It was not a matter of policy that we would (send the weapons), it was a matter of necessity that we would if we had to and we didn’t have to and we’ve achieved that part of the mission,” Vance said.
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