June 14, 2018 / 10:02 AM
Peshmerga, police protest in Sulaimani against Iraq cancelling votes

Peshmerga, police and security forces in Sulaimani filled its streets on Wednesday protesting the annulment of their votes in Iraq’s parliamentary election and accusing certain parties from the Kurdistan Region of being complicit.

Hundreds of Peshmerga fighters gathered in front of the Iraqi parliament Office in Sulaimani province to protest the recent parliament's decision of annulment of Peshmerga votes casted in May 12 parliamentary election.
Among their slogans was that "cancelling their votes is a betrayal of the sacrifices and blood of the martyrs", referring to their comrades they lost during a three-year fight against the Islamic State (IS) where nearly 2000 Peshmerga were killed, BasNews reported.
On June 6, the Iraqi council of representatives approved a manual recount of entire ballots from the election, as well as annulment of votes of Kurdish armed forces.
The parliamentary election was held on May 12 which was followed by a number of complains from different sides regarding fraud and irregularities during the process.
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