July 3, 2018 / 08:13 PM
Turkey-backed Turkmens main opposition to Peshmerga return to Kirkuk, official tells Kurdpress

A leading Kirkuk provincial official told Kurdpress news agency in an interview that the UN representative to Iraq and officials in the country demand the return of the Kurdish forces of Peshmerga to Kirkuk but some Arab parties and Kirkuk Turkmens, particularly those who are backed by Ankara, are the main oppositions to the return of the Kurdish forces to Kirkuk.

Azad Jabbari, the chief of Kirkuk Provincial Council Security Commission, blamed Iraqi forces for the security situation in Kirkuk and increase of terroristic attacks in Kirkuk and other disputed regions in northern Iraq, adding that the security forces in Kirkuk are not experienced enough to provide the security and the stability of the city and their faults have deteriorated the situation in Kirkuk and other regions and many civilians have, therefore, lost their lives on the recent days.

He further warned that the Islamic State (IS) has resumed its activities in southern Kirkuk and Hawijeh districts and is threatening Kakayee civilians and are seeking to infiltrate in northern parts and control Kirkuk.

The Kirkuk official further added that situation was very stable during Peshmerga control over the city and all IS attacks into the city and the province was successfully annulled by the Kurdish forces, confirming that Peshmerga did not let Kirkuk situation deteriorate and become like the cities of Mosul, Diyali, Tekrit and Samera.

Jabbari called for the reformation of joint Peshmerga-Iraqi forces operation command center in Kirkuk in order to return security into the city and other disputed regions, continuing to add that the recent parliamentary elections, and former elections in Kirkuk, have proven that it is a Kurdish-majority province and city and called for the return of the Kurdish forces to Kirkuk.

He further blamed some racists for preventing the return of the Kurdish forces to the province and confirmed that Arabs and Turkmens in Kirkuk are the main oppositions to the return of the Peshmerga to the province and city.

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