July 8, 2018 / 03:59 PM
Not all exploded arms depot belong to Peshmerga ministry: Jabbar Yawar

Jabar Yawar, Peshmerga Ministry Secretary General, said on Saturday, July 7, that not all of the arms depots exploded recently belong to his ministry.

 “The exploded arms storages also included the ones which belonged to some other subordinate armed forces from the Interior Ministry,” Yawar told NRT.

He further added that the fire at some arms depots broke out due to random deposit of other weapons and ammunition they “had as achievements” at the storages.

Meanwhile, he warned that Islamic State (IS) has not been beaten yet and operations will continue, adding that Peshmerga forces are on alert and watchful for threats that IS can pose at any time due to its reemergence in small groups.

Three arms depots have recently caught fire in Duhok, Sulaimani and Erbil. Four Peshmerga were wounded in the fire the broke out at a weapons and ammunition warehouse in the Tasluja area.

Earlier on June 30, a large explosion rocked a weapons depot where gunpowder is stored in the district of Bahirka in the province of Erbil.

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