December 4, 2018 / 09:05 PM
Baghdad lifts checkpoints with Kurdistan Region

The central government has begun implementing its order customs checkpoints between the Kurdistan Region and other cities in Iraq.

Kirkuk Governorate said in a statement on Tuesday, December 4, that the relevant authorities had been informed by Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi that the customs checkpoints on the Kirkuk-Erbil and Kirkuk-Sulaimani roads had been lifted.

Baghdad is expected to lift all the customs checkpoints between the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, the statement read.

NRT reported that the central government had removed the customs checkpoint between Duhok and Mosul.

 “All the employees at the checkpoint have left after taking their equipment,” he said. 

The Kurdistan Region’s Directorate of Customs and Iraqi Customs Board reached a 27-point agreement to eliminate the checkpoints on November 11, nearly two months after they were put in place.

On September 22, two customs checkpoints were opened between Kirkuk and parts of the Kurdistan Region to levy taxes on goods entering the province from Erbil and Sulaimani.

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