December 4, 2018 / 10:13 PM
U.S. has no joint political plan with Syrian Kurds: envoy

The U.S. envoy to Syria affairs says Washington backs preserving Syria integrity, denying that Washington has any joint political plans with Kurds in Syria.


Speaking to reporters late on Monday, James Jeffery denied Kremlin claims that it is not the U.S. which has started a dangerous game in Syria but it is Russia which has begun a dangerous game by accusing White House of starting a dangerous game in Syria.

He further added that the local Syria Democratic Forces have been fighting along with the U.S. forces against the terrorist group of the Islamic State (IS) in the valley of Euphrates, adding that the local forces have had tough clashes with the terrorist group.

 Before everything it is the U.S. policy to work with people in northeastern Syria against the IS, he said, continuing to say that the U.S.-led coalition has human and organizational cooperation for having a platform in order to defeat the IS.

Jeffery refuted the U.S. has any political plan with Kurdish, groups, Arabs or any other person and it is our policy to preserve the integrity of Syria under the current borders in cooperation with all political groups.

Answering a question about any possible Turkey attack on Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria, Jeffery stated that everything is under control and there are U.S. forces there and “I have been here myself. Everything is under control here.”

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