February 12, 2019 / 08:24 AM
No Peshmerga has been deployed to Tuz Khurmatu: Jabbar Yawar

No Peshmerga units have been moved to Tuz Khurmatu district, The Secretary General of the Ministry of Peshmerga the Lieutenant General Jabbar Yawar said Monday, February 1.

Yawar wrote on his official Facebook page that “some media outlets quoted a senior Peshmerga commander and others as saying that the Peshmerga had returned to the Tuz Khurmatu district.”
“We, as the Ministry of Peshmerga, deny all these reports and confirm that none of the Peshmerga units have moved and that no order has been issued regarding the movement of troops to any military unit. All Peshmerga forces in their positions and on the main lines of defense,” he added.
According to NRT he also stated that any reports published using unofficial or unauthorized sources within the Peshmerga ministry are not accurate.
A Kurdish commander said earlier on Monday that Peshmerga forces will return to positions in the disputed areas after an agreement was reached between Erbil, Baghdad, and Coalition officials.
The Peshmerga brigadier, who spoke under condition of anonymity because he was not allowed to speak to the media, told NRT that the deal would go into effect in two weeks.
The Peshmerga forces will take up positions from Khanaqin to Sinjar and Mosul in order to increase security in areas where Islamic State (IS) is active, the commander said.
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