February 12, 2019 / 08:57 AM
Isreal drone attacks regiin in Syria: state media

An Israeli drone fired four missiles near a demolished hospital and an army observation post in Syria’s southern Quneitra province near the border with Israel, but there had been only material damage, the Syrian army said on Monday, February 11.

An army source was quoted by state news agency SANA as saying that the “Israeli enemy” also hit several sites along border villages close to a 1974 demilitarized zone on the Golan frontier, which with Russian support, the Syrian army regained control from rebels last year, according to Reuters.
Asked about the reported Quneitra strikes, an Israeli military spokeswoman declined comment.
State media earlier said the sites in Quneitra that were hit by Israel came from several tank artillery rounds.
Residents familiar with the area said that the sites targeted fall within the strategic area known as the “Triangle of Death” connecting the southern Damascus countryside with Deraa and Quneitra provinces.
In many cases the deployment of the militias in the area relies heavily on recruitment of local youths, according to two Western intelligence sources.
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