February 15, 2019 / 09:42 PM
Gorran close to agreement with KDP

The Change Movement (Gorran) has asked the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) for 12 percent of positions in the new Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), according to Gorran negotiating delegation member Aras Wali.

Wali told Gorran-affiliated media on Thursday, February 14, that they had only a few remaining disagreements with the KDP.
“The Kurdistan Democratic Party is content with Gorran’s reform program.”
“We emphasized [the importance of] drafting aGorran  good constitution that has buy-in from all parties and sides and that strengthens institutions,” Wali was qouted by NRT as saying.
Wali also said that that Gorran told the KDP that they wanted a tripartite meeting that included the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK).
“Gorran believes that reform more easily accomplished inside the government than outside it. We are supposed to meet with the Kurdistan Democratic Party again this coming Tuesday,” he added.
The KDP and the PUK have agreed to hold a parliamentary session on February 18.
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