February 19, 2018 / 01:08 AM
Turkey cannot control Turkey completely, researcher tells Kurdpress

A political analyst and researcher told Kurdpress that Turkey will not be able to control completely the Syrian Kurdish town of Afrin as Kurds are the majority in the northern town.

Turkey last month launched military operation dubbed "Olive Branch" supporting Syrian rebels with ground troops and air strikes against the Kurdish forces in Afrin.

Taymour Akhmetov told Kurdpress in an exclusive interview that he was not sure that Turkey could control the whole of the city as most of the city’s population is Kurdish, adding that there are signs that Turkey does not have necessary forces and facilities to control the town as Ankara does not have a project to establish a local government.

The researcher at Russia Direct believes Turkey’s invasion into the city is strategic and is also a tactic.

Russian officials have always told Syrian Kurds that they have the right to fight for their political plans, the analyst said about Moscow’s stance towards the Kurds.

Akhmetov further added that Russia wants Syrian Kurdish efforts to be within Syria’s civil war, continuing that Russia wants the Kurds to follow their goals within the country and stop following goals which are far from internal tensions and Syrian Kurds’ cooperation with the U.S. is an example of that external goal as the cooperation breached Syria border automatically and has turned into a regional political issue.

Akhmetov said Russia has shown green light to Turkey for the invasion, adding that Moscow wants to tell the Syrian Kurds that the regional countries like Turkey and Iraq would not remain silent if the Kurds follow external goals.

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