March 13, 2018 / 03:38 PM
Iranian envoy to Iraq meets Feyli Kurds

The Iranian ambassador to Iraq held a meeting with a group of Iraqi Feyli Kurds and stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys good and sincere relations with all Iraqi ethnic and religious groups including Kurds and Feyli Kurds.

Iraj Masjedi said that the former dictatorial regime of Iraq under Saddam Hussein did many injustice and brutalities against the Feyli Kurds because of their Kurdish origin and being Shia Muslims, IRNA reported.

At the meeting, the head of the coalition of Iraqi Feyli Kurds lauded the Islamic Republic's positive stance on Iraq and said Iraq would never forget Iran's role in the fight against IS terrorist group.

Verifying the Iranian ambassador's statements about Feyli Kurds and their sufferings during the former Baathist regime of Iraq, he said the Saddam regime forced many Feyli families to migrate to Iran on charge of being of Iranian origin and jailed and then hanged many of their youths in prisons.

Meanwhile, the members of the Kurdish coalition asked Iran to open Mandali border crossing and reopening of Khosravi crossing point at the border with Diyala province of Iraq.

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