April 15, 2018 / 03:41 PM
Campaigns kick off ahead of Iraq elections

Campaigns started across Iraq and Kurdistan Region early on Sunday, April 15, as politicians seek to persuade voters in the country’s upcoming parliamentary election. Voters will cast their ballots on May 12.

According to the Iraqi Electoral Commission, the campaign period spans between April 15, 2018 through to May 11.

Banners and posters of some political parties were seen on the streets in Erbil at 7 p.m. on Saturday, NRT reported.

Campaigning for parliamentary election began across Iraq officially on Saturday.

In the Kurdistan Region, campaigning began on Sunday because of the 30th anniversary of the Anfal campaign, which was launched and led by Ba’ath Party Secretary-General Ali Hassan al-Majid – also known as Chemical Ali – and is widely understood to have begun in 1986 and lasted through 1988.

Parliament consists of a total of 329 seats.

Election observers and the Federation for Civil Organizations urged candidates and political parties to avoid aggression and intolerance in the public debate ahead of elections.

The Federation said it will closely monitor the media agencies across the country during the campaigning to record any violation when occurred.

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