April 16, 2018 / 12:43 PM
Turkish army launches operations in Sirnak

Turkish army has launched two separate military operations in Sirnak province in southeast, Firat News Agency reported.

Sources told the agency that more than 300 members of the Turkish Gendarmerie and 2,500 soldiers have launched a “large-scale” military operation in the Mount Judi since Monday night.

The operation was backed by Turkish helicopters and tanks, the agency reported.

Elsewhere in Sirnak’s region of Basta, Turkish army backed by helicopters and artillery has launched another operation.

The operations came after three Turkish soldiers were killed after fighters from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) attacked the Kuyutepe military base area of Sirnak province on Monday.

Turkey is currently embroiled in a three-decade long conflict with the PKK that has also seen the Kurdish group carrying out attacks on the state targeting Turkish security services.

Hundreds have died since the PKK and the Turkish state resumed hostilities after the collapse of a two-year ceasefire between the PKK and the state collapsed in July 2015.

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