April 24, 2018 / 08:53 PM
Shiites in Iraq and KDP in Kurdistan Region would win elections, official tells Kurdpress

A leading member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP, ruling party in Kurdistan Region, believes that his party would be the winner of the upcoming Iraqi election in the region, calling the historical achievements of the party as the reason for winning the most number of votes.

Forsat Sofi also stated that Shiites would achieve the most number of votes in the elections in Iraq.

He predicted in his interview with Kurdpress that the political situation in Iraq would not witness a big change after the elections as the realities in the state would not change.

Sofi added that the KDP accepts its shortcomings and troubles in ruling the region, but reiterated that the party is not ruling in almost 50 percent of the region and therefore can not be blamed for all troubles in the region, stressing that the KDP confesses its problems and shortcomings and is the first party to be blamed as it is the agent of most achievements in the region.

Answering about a question over the KDP decision to boycott Iraq 2018 parliament election in Kirkuk (formerly under the control of the region and its Peshmerga forces), Sofi stated that any kind of advertisement is forbidden for the KDP and our offices have been shut down, then how can we take part in elections in the province that is occupied right now. But the party which played role in the occupation is allowed to advertise, though it also accepts that the province is in a dire situation and the forces of Hashd al-Shaabi have taken the control of the province and Iraqi forces can not maneuver there.

Sofi added that the KDP would not take part in elections in a province that has been occupied and we don’t want to legalize the imposing power of a militia group which is committing crimes in Kirkuk and Tuz Khormatu each day and is violating the rights of people and that is why that we believe the KDP has taken a right decision.

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