September 5, 2019 / 07:58 PM
Situation prepared for talks between Erbil and Baghdad, politician tells Kurdpress

The Kurdish Prominent Politician Mahmoud Osman told Kurdpress in an interview that the situation is ready for negotiation and talks between the two governments of Erbil anf Baghdad, stressing on therole of the U.S. and the Islamic Repubic of Iran on the ties between the two governments.

Answering a question about the goal of an upcoming meeting between Erbil and Baghdad officials in the Iraqi capital, Osman stated the visit of the Kurdish delegation, led by Prime Minister Masrour Barzani, is a good attempt although the meeting was expected to beheld earlier.

He stated there are diverse issues the two governments are at odds over them, including oil, Article 140 and the question of Peshmerga, stressing that the two sides should be serious in setteling their differences.

Osman also underscored the Kurdish delegation has to remain in Baghdad and visit the city of Najaf and meet prominent Shiite clerics, including Ayatollah Sistani and Sadr Movermment Leader Moqtada al-Sadr.

The Kurdish politician expressed his optimisom that the differences between the two sides could be solved as the current Iraqi PM Adil Abdul Mahdi is well aware of Kurdistan Region affairs and the Kurds’ troubles and he has been fighting along with Peshmerga forces against the toppled Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein, calling on the both sides to bepatient and refrain from making statements.

Osman predicted the Iraqi central government is not ready to reach an agreement with Erbil if the later does not deliver the agreed amount of oil to Baghdad.

Answering a question about the possible return of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces to the disputed regions that both Baghdad and Erbil claim authority over, the politician told Kurdpress that he does not see any clear horizon for the return of the forces to the regions but reiterated the return of the Peshmerga is necessary as the Islamic State (IS) moves have increased and the presence of the forces is necessary along the Iraqi Army and Hashid al-Shaabi forces for providing the security of the regions as Peshmerga are well aware of the geography and the situation of the region.

Osman stated the U.S. interfere in the disputed regions has complicated the situation in the region and U.S. talks with the Kurds and the central government has even complicated the puzzle more.

Osman believes the Iraqi central government would have accepted the Kudish demands if the U.S. had not entered into the situation and interfered.

Osman further told Kurdpress that the Islamic Republic of Iran can play a positive role in the tension between Erbil and Baghdad as Tehran enjoys a close and friendly relation with the all sides.

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