December 3, 2019 / 09:49 AM
Member says PUK congress is likely to be delayed

The start of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s (PUK) party congress is likely to be delayed by several days in order to finish preparations, a PUK Politburo member said on Monday, December 2.

“Certainly, the PUK will hold its fourth congress this year,” said Rizgar Ali, who is also head of the party’s election office, NRT reported.
The party has been holding internal elections at its local offices to select delegates for the congress, which has been scheduled for December 7.
There are more than 4,000 voters and 1,438 candidates, Ali said.
“We have taken all measures to hold the process transparently,” he added.
There had been rumors last week that the congress may be delayed, with two members of the PUK Politburo telling NRT that a delay was likely.
The PUK has not held an all-party congress since 2010 and plans to hold one have been put off for years, amid fears that it would prompt infighting within the notoriously factional party.
It will be the first since the illness and death of long-time party leader Jalal Talabani, who was seen as a unifying figure for the PUK.
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