December 3, 2019 / 11:31 AM
Kurds are worried about possible changes in Iraq constitution, MP tells Kurdpress

An Iraqi Kurdish Parliament member said the Kurds in the country are worried about the current protests in the country and the possible changes that are likely to be made in the new constitution of Iraq.

Dr. Jwan Ihsan told Kurdpress in an interview that the deviation from the current constitution and ignoring its articles are the roots of ge troubles in Iraq not the constitution itself.
The Iraqi parliament has formed an 18-member committee which has been missioned to make changes in it in four months in order to fulfill the demands of the protestors. The changes will be sent to the parliament and then they will be decided in a referendum in 2 months.
Changing the ruling system of the country is the most important and challenging issue in the new constitution and te Kurds are seriously worried about their political status they have achieved thanks to the 2005 ratified cnstitution.
Dr. Ihsan, a young PUK member, the head of the party's faction in the Iraqi parliament and also a member of the formed committee to make changes in the Iraqi constitution stated that the constitution asks for the formation of a committee at the begining of each Iraqi parliament period in order to review the articles of the constitution and to make possible changes into it.
She confirmed to Kurdpress that Kurds are seriously worried about the upcoming developments and stressed the PUK, despite having members inthe committee, did not vote for its formation.
Ms. Ihsan further said the PUK participation in the committee does not mean the party believes in the necessity of the formation of the committee, she said, revealing that the Iraqi parliament speaker has formed the committee unilaterally without negotiating with any political body.
There PUK is pessemist about these developments especially after the 2017 events and the demands for changing the constitution, the parliament deputy added.
The Kurds are taking proper steps to prevent  possible attempts aginst he region and its autonomy in the possible changes to the Iraqi constitution, she further said.
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