December 4, 2019 / 09:58 PM
Abdul Mahdi’s resignation paves ways for solving Iraq crises: MP

An Iraqi Kurdish parliament deputy believes the resignation of Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi paves the way for solving the crises in Iraq, reiterating that selecting a person of the post.

Abdul Mahdi stepped down as PM on Sunday after he delivered his resignation to the parliament a day before. Protests have his major cities in Iraq, including the capital Baghdad.

The death toll from anti-government protests in Iraq rose to 460 and at least 17,000 others injured during the last two months, according to Iraq's Independent High Commission for Human Rights.

"At least 460 protesters were killed in October and November in various central and southern cities, including Baghdad," Ali al-Bayati, a representative of the commission, said in a statement on Wednesday, December 4.

He stressed that the number of injured protesters exceeded 17,400 and more than 3,000 are permanently disabled as a result of amputation or loss of vision or other injuries.

He commented on the resignation of the former Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and possibility of an end to the protests, saying that Iraq is in "an ongoing political and security crisis."

The Kurdish parliament member, Mothna Amin, believes the PM’s resignation will ease the tensions and crises in the country as there was no place for him after the protest and the large death toll. The angry people demand change and some changes were needed and Abdul Mahdi’s resignation was one of those changes.

Also a member of parliament’s foreign relation commission told Kurdpress that it is very hard to choose a new person to lead Iraq but that’s not impossible, adding that the decision is one of the most difficult ones in the country at this time.

He called on all Iraqi political parties to know that the current crisis is the result of their policies which has drowned the country is corruption, warning that the crises would never end unless the political parties step back from calling for many of their demands.

Also a member of the Kurdistan Islamic Unity Faction in Iraq Parliament, the deputy stated the PM’s resignation would not leave a negative impact on the negotiations between Baghdad and Erbil and their deals.

Answering a question about the attempts to amend Iraq constitution and the Kurds’ worries over the attempt, Amin told Kurdpress that the Kurds are worried about the changes and there are surely threats over such attempts as changing all Iraqi constitution articles will create an all-out crisis in the country and it cannot stand any new crisis.

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