April 7, 2020 / 12:25 AM
US moves in Iraq are endangering regional peace, stability: Iran

Iran has reiterated its stance against the United States’ illegal presence in Iraq, saying the US recent movements are endangering the peace and stability of Iraq and the whole region.

“The US’ recent measures can be deemed dangerous for us and the whole region, and pose a much more threat to the regional peace and stability,” Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi said on Monday.

 “We consider the US moves volatilizing the region, and we hope Washington will finally follow the demands of the Iraqi people and leave the country,” he added.

Mousavi’s comments came as the US has been increasing its military movements in neighboring Iraq. According to reports, the US has been deploying Patriot missile batteries in Iraq.

 “The US movements [in Iraq] are against the demands of the Iraqi nation and parliament and it also is a clear breach of the country’s sovereignty,” Mousavi added.

Referring to the US official’s claims that should anything happen in Iraq against them, the US will take measures against the Islamic Republic, Mousavi said, “What currently is going on in Iraq is their internal affair and is related to their nation, government and domestic resistance groups.”

 “Should any threat be posed [against them], the Iraqis themselves will give a firm response,” he stressed.

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