National Security Adviser says Iraq does not need foreign combat forces
Iraq's National Security Adviser Qasim al-Araji said that his country does not need foreign combat forces as the country has enough security forces,

Following the recent action of the United States in violation of Iraq's sovereignty, al-Araji told Al-Jazeera that Iraq does not need foreign combat forces, it has enough security forces.

During Iraq's prime minister's visit to Washington, the two sides will reach an agreement on the timing of the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.

The remarks came after the US Department of Defense announced on Monday that US warplanes had launched airstrikes on positions in the Al Bukamal region on the Iraqi-Syrian border.

The aerial attacks by the US warplanes have sparked widespread condemnation on the part of Iraqi resistance forces, the Armed forces of Iraq as well as political figures.

The new round of US attacks on Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) or Hashd Shabi came as political parties and groups continue to demand the withdrawal of Americans from Iraqi soil.

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