Syrian Kurdish political delegation visits Sweden
A political delegation from the Syrian Kurdish self-ruling administration has made a visit to Sweden on Friday, July 3, where they discussed the fight against terrorism and Turkish violations with Swedish diplomats.

The delegation discussed with Swedish politicians and diplomats the ways to counter terrorism and strengthen stability as well as Turkish policies in the Kurdish-controlled areas in northern Syria.

"We thank you for your relationship and for your sacrifices in the fight against terrorism and for the sake of stability," said Kenneth G. Forslund, chairman of the Swedish Parliament's parliamentary relations committee.

The Kurdish delegation included Badran Chia Kurd, the joint deputy head of the administration, Abdul Salam Mustafa, the representative of the administration in Europe, Ali Rehman, a member of the relations committee of the Syrian Democratic Council, and Shiyar Ali, the representative of the administration in the Kingdom of Sweden.

In addition to Forslund, the meeting was attended by Anders Osterby, chairman of the Swedish Socialist Party's relations committee, Stockholm mayor Qader Kosugi, and Thomas Humberbury, a member of the Swedish parliament's human rights committee.

Speaking at the meeting, Badran Chia Kurd said that the main issue that brings us closer is the war on terrorism and the policies of the Turkish government in the occupied territories (of Afrin, Serikani and Gri Spi) as Turkey is trying to Turkify the region and change the demography of these areas.

In October last year, a Swedish delegation visited the region in Syria and met with the chairman of the Syrian Democratic Council.

On last Monday in April, General Mazlum Kobani, Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and Badran Chia Kurd, Chairman of the Executive Council of the Kurdish-controlled administration, held a video conference with Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist.

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