Turkish jets bomb villages in Duhok province
Turkish military fighters heavily bombarded villages in the Amidi area of ​​Duhok province in the Kurdistan Region.

According to the Awine news website, on Monday, July 5, Turkish army jets severely bombarded the Zanari Kiste area, and the Harur and Chelki Musolmanan areas in the Amidi region of ​​Duhok province.

Precise information on the possible casualties of these attacks has not been released yet.

It was also reported that last night a Turkish war helicopter heavily bombed the village of Chelki three times, targeting and destroying the village cemetery.

The attacks, which are being carried out in the Kurdistan Region under the pretext of the presence of PKK forces, have so far destroyed the infrastructure of the border areas and evacuated more than 500 villages, killing and injuring dozens of civilians.

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