Largest militant force in Syria belongs to Kurds, says professor
Dr. Gilberto Aranda says the Syrian Kurdish forces have the largest number of militias in Syria and are more powerful than other opposition groups.

In an interview with NT Magazine, Dr. Gilberto Aranda, a professor at the Institute of Middle East Studies at the National University of Chile, stressed that the main Turkish-backed opposition forces in Syria have been severely weakened and only a small part of Syrian territory in Idlib is at their control.

He called the Kurdish forces the most powerful militia in Syria because, in his view, the Syrian Kurdish forces are stronger than other militant groups, such as the Syrian opposition forces, both in number and efficiency.

Professor Gilberto, the writer of the book The Middle East; An Eternal Crossroads stressed that "Turkey is worried about the Syrian Kurdish forces gaining power."

Idris Ahmed, a British analyst, told the magazine that the Syrian Kurds, along with the Syrian central government, control most of the country's territory, and that Turkish-backed opposition rebels control only a small part of Idlib province.

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