US may pullout forces from Syria: Russian envoy to Kurds
The United States may withdraw its troops from Syria at any time, Russian Special Presidential Envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentyev said in an interview with the Russian TASS news agency.

"I think that the withdrawal of US troops from Syria may take place at any time," he pointed out. According to Lavrentyev, US troop pullout from Afghanistan signals the Kurds that the United States may arrive at a decision to leave Syria, too.

"You must remember that former US President Donald Trump had decided to withdraw troops but his decision was later reconsidered and delayed," the Russian envoy noted.

He went on to say that US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan was an important development.

"We see that as US troops leave the country, the Taliban are quickly expanding their influence to all across entire Afghanistan, taking control of numerous districts. Tensions are definitely rising. However, since the Americans made a decision to pull troops out and return them home, I think that it could be the right step, though it had not been fully agreed on with the US’ allies and the countries that are interested in maintaining stability in this country," Lavrentyev added.

The envoy further stressed that the withdrawal of US troops from Syria could facilitate dialogue between Damascus and the Kurds.

"As for the Americans, we think that their presence in the northeast is solely dictated by the need to fight against what is left of the so-called ISIS of course, but it is excessive," he said.

"Their withdrawal could stimulate the development of dialogue between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the central government in Damascus with the aim of finding a compromise solution, and to return the Kurds and the Arabs living in the northeast to a united Syrian state," the envoy added.

Lavrentyev pointed out that the Syrian army can ensure the country’s security by itself, adding that Iran had made a significant contribution to the fight against terrorism in Syria.

"I think that there are prospects [of withdrawing all foreign forces from Syria]. At least that’s what our Turkish friends say, they always stress that the presence of Turkish forces is a temporary measure, and as soon as the situation stabilizes, they will leave. Well, let’s take them at their word," he concluded.

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