Gothenburg Film Foundation to provide financial aid to Kurdish filmmakers
The Gothenburg Film Foundation is set to donate € 400,000 to Kurdish filmmakers' artistic projects, along with filmmakers from around the world.

During a conference held on the sidelines of the Cannes Film Festival, officials from the Gothenburg Film Foundation announced the foundation's financial support for Kurdish filmmakers in various stages of film production.

The institute plans to fund filmmakers from Brazil, Sudan, Ukraine and Kurdish filmmakers from Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq. The grant is part of a one-year project for Kurdish filmmakers. Funding is given to various filmmaking projects, including feature films, documentaries, and animation or cartoons.

So far, Kurdish filmmakers have submitted 90 film projects to receive funding. In total, more than 1,000 film projects have been submitted in response to requests for projects by Gothenburg Film Foundation officials.

The first project of Kurdish filmmakers has been approved by the officials of this foundation. The film is called The Bride of Rain and is produced by the Iraqi director Hussein Hassan. The story has happened in 2014 and takes place near the city of Duhok in Iraqi Kurdistan.

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