Syrian Kurds seek Macron's support in wake of tattered ties with Russia
The Intelligent Online Magazine attributed the numerous visits of Syrian Kurdish officials to France to Russia's increasing pressure on them to surrender to the Syrian central government and they are seeking help from French President Emmanuel Macron.

Syrian Kurdish officials have met twice this year with senior French government officials, including President Emmanuel Macron. The Elysee Palace said in a statement issued after a recent meeting between Kurdish self-ruling Administration officials in northern Syria and Emmanuel Macron that the president praised the Syrian Kurds' sacrifices to ISIS and that Paris would continue to support the Kurds.
Meanwhile, Russia's foreign minister earlier this month called on the Syrian Kurds to stop cooperating with the United States and return to talks with the central government.
In a report on the issue, Intelligence Online reported that Russia is increasing pressure on the Syrian Kurds to reach an agreement with the Syrian central government in order to give the control of the areas under their control to the central government.
The magazine claimed that the Kurds are under pressure from Russia. For this reason, Kurdish officials, who have sought the help of the international community to recognize the administration in northern Syria, have sought international support to maintain the current position of the Kurds and recognize the entity.
The magazine wrote Syrian Kurds have high hope in French President Emmanuel Macron, but stressed that France could do nothing for the Syrian Kurds other than a symbolic support.
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