World has forgotten Syrian Kurds: daily
The world has forgotten the Syrian Kurds because it does not want to help them in the trial of thousands of ISIS prisoners," the Sun Daily wrote in a report examining the situation of ISIS prisoners being tried by Syrian Kurds.

The British newspaper, which has published a report examining the situation of ISIS prisoners in the Syrian Kurdish-controlled areas and the Kurds' problems in holding the most dangerous prisoners, warns that the Syrian Kurds alone will not be able to try and detain ISIS prisoners in Syria.

The newspaper emphasizes that the world has left the Syrian Kurds alone because no country is willing to help the Syrian Kurds while the Kurds need the help of various countries to try the dangerous members of the ISIS.

The Sun further warned that the most dangerous prisoners in the world are now in the custody of the Syrian Kurds, but that the Kurds do not want to try them in Syria and have called on various countries to extradite them to their home countries.

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