Syrian Kurds welcome Washington and Moscow participation in possible talks with Damascus
The representative of the Syrian Democratic Council in the United States stated that the Syrian Kurds welcome the participation of the United States and Russia in possible negotiations between the Kurdish Autonomous Administration and the Syrian central government.

Sinem Muhammad, a representative of the Syrian Democratic Council, the political branch of the Syrian Kurdish-Arab Forces known as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Washington, has announced the suspension of talks between the Kurds and the Syrian central government.

"The Syrian Democratic Council is not in talks with Damascus at the moment," Sinem Mohammed told Newsweek. "The Democratic Council is not opposed to negotiations with Damascus, but the goal of both negotiations should be to reach a political solution to the crisis in Syria."

Russia has supported Kurdish negotiations with the Syrian central government, but the US government has remained silent at best.

Sinem Muhammad says the Syrian Democratic Council - which oversees the political affairs of the self-ruling administration in northern and northeastern Syria - welcomes Russian and American diplomacy in reaching a final solution to the crisis in Syria and establishing lasting peace in the country.

The issue can contribute to the peace process in Syria, she added.

Regarding the possibility of US troops withdrawing from Syrian Kurdish-controlled areas following the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and setting a timetable for leaving Iraq, Sinem Mohammad added: "This could lead to a security vacuum in northern Syria and the return of ISIS."

"Security cooperation between US forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces continues on a daily basis, but if US forces, which play an important role in supporting the Syrian Democratic Forces, withdraw [from the region] a political and security vacuum will be created which will harm the administration and to the American interests," she finally said.

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