PUK seeking to provide decent life for people; Bafel Talabani
Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Co-president Bafel Talabani said their goal is unity among Kurdish parties and to provide a decent life for people.

Talabani met with Dutch Consul General in Erbil Hans Akerboom in Sulaimani’s Dabashan area on Wednesday afternoon.

They discussed the latest developments in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq as well as changes and reforms within the PUK, Talabani’s press office said in a statement.

 “Our goal is Kurdish unity and to provide a decent life for our beloved people,” Talabani said. “It is one voice and joint understanding regarding the national issues and it is to organize the Kurdish home.”

According to Esta news website he further said the party would make efforts to secure the Region’s constitutional rights and to strengthen Kurdish position in Baghdad, according to the statement.

 “The Kurdish parties should have one stance in the upcoming Iraqi elections so as to build a strong and tranquil Kurdistan together and so that our people will have a peaceful and tranquil life,” Talabani added.

 “We want the law to be sovereign, to confront corruption, root out smuggling and prevent public wealth waste.”

Regarding changes within the party, Talabani said the changes were for the sake of public and to return prestige for law.

 “The changes were to dismiss people who used the PUK for their personal interests and were involved in corruption,” he noted.

 “They had used the party for personal purpose. We want the party to serve, not to be a burden on people’s shoulder,” he said.

Talabani and Akerboom also discussed the reorganization of the Peshmerga forces during the meeting, the statement read.

The PUK’s co-president said the party supported the reorganization of Kurdistan’s Peshmerga forces and the creation of a national force that protects the national interests.

Akerboom, for his part, reiterated his country’s support for reform and the provision of service to people and a peaceful life for people, the statement said.

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