Biden's presidency does not mean he will back Syrian Kurds: official
The election of US President- elect Joe Biden does not necessarily mean supporting the Syrian Kurds, and governments have interests with each other, and Turkey also has some winner cards, a member of the representative office of the Democratic Syrian Council in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region told KurdPress.

"The United States has strategic interests in the world and the President of the United States alone does not write US policy, and various institutions are responsible for US policies," Hoshang Darwish said.

He continued: "If we make an estimate between Biden and Trump, it becomes clear that first of all, economic issues are a priority for Trump, and secondly, he does not have the skills and ability in diplomacy, and Biden is the opposite of Trump."

"Biden is an expert in the field of Middle East diplomacy and has traveled to the Iraqi Kurdistan Region several times and has sufficient and extensive knowledge about the situation of the Kurds," the official added.

The Kurdish politician further noted: "Of course, this does not mean that Biden supports Kurds. One must first ask what is in the interests of the governments? The answer is clear; the interests of the states are with the states. And if the interests are at stake, Turkey certainly has papers to present to the United States."

"I reiterate that the US presence in the region is based on its strategic interests. The US has political, military, economic and security interests in Syria. But what is clear is that Biden presidency can reduce Turkey possible threats against northern Syria," he ultimately added.

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