Germany, Britain and US are seeking to free Peshmerga forces from party affiliation: British MP
A member of the Britian parliament, Robert Halfon says his country, Germany and the USA are seeking to integrate Peshmerga forces and bring an end to the control of the ruling parties over the forces.

In a note posted on the Conservative Party's website on Wednesday, Robert Halfon criticized the US government for withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan and the Taliban control of the country, and called on the British and US governments not to do the same in the Kurdistan region because, according to him, the situation of the Kurdistan region is different from Afghanistan.

He says the mission to fight the ISIS is not over and that the forces of the three countries, the United States, Britain and Germany, are working to make sweeping reforms in the military forces of the Kurdistan Region and free it from affiliation with the two ruling parties of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).

Halfon stressed on the need for the continued presence of the United States and Britain in the Iraqi Kurdistan region, noting that the Kurdish region needs the help of foreign countries in important areas such as higher education and the infrastructure reconstruction.

He noted that there are still about one million displaced people in the Kurdistan Region and that universities in the region have recently accepted Afghan students, calling it a sign that the Kurdistan Region is capable of accepting ethnic and religious minorities and emphasized on backing the region.

The British MP described the relationship between the Kurdish region and the Iraqi central government as growing and called on Western countries to help establishing and developing relations between Erbil and Baghdad.

The MP Halfon also called for fundamental reforms in the Kurdish region with the help of Western countries and a reduction in reliance on oil, along with the development of new technologies, higher education and the expansion of areas such as tourism.

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