Biden would continue Obama policy in Syria: tribe head to KurdPress
US President-elect Joe Biden's policies would different from those of President Donald Trump and could be similar to those of former US President Barack Obama, the head of a Syrian Arab tribe told KurdPress, adding that Biden is likely to present a new project for the Syrian crisis.

In an interview with KurdPress, Basman al-Ali al-Assaf, head of Tai tribe, one of the largest Arab tribes in Hasaka province in northeastern and eastern Syria stated that " American strategies are made by institutions and are not affected by the change of people in leadership positions, even if he is the president; but the operational policies and methods of reaching strategic goals are what differ with the change of American administrations. "

He added that " Donald Trump used to think in the mentality of a trader and measured the positions and built his policy according to the profits it could produce. Therefore, he always put the decision to withdraw from Syria on his desk table.

Mr. al-Assaf went on to add that " There is no doubt that the next stage with the new US President Joe biden will be different and similar to the policy of the former president Obama and a new settlement project for the Syrian crisis will be presented."

The head of the Syrian Arab tribe of Tai ultimately told KurdPress that" As for the military presence, it will not change much at the beginning, as it is linked to any urgent developments that could happen in the near future, for example, a new Turkish military operation or a political agreement between Damascus and the SDF (Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces)."

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