Our existence is not tied to US presence in Syria: representative
The representative of the Syrian Democratic Council in the Iraqi Kurdistan region says "The emphasis of the Centcom commander in his meeting with General Mazloum Kobani to keep American forces in Syrian Kurdistan does not diminish our will to maintain our achievements and we do not tie our existence to the United States."

Referring to a recent meeting between the US Centcom commander in the Middle East, and his emphasis on US presence in Syrian Kurdistan in a meeting with General Mazloum Kobani, Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Houshang Darwish, the envoy of the Syrian Democratic Council in the Iraqi Kurdistan, told Kurdpress in an interview that "This trip is not a new issue and US officials have visited Syrian Kurdistan several times and each time they have announced that they do not intend to leave Syria."

"making these statements, the Americans want to say that the development in Afghanistan will not be repeated in Syria, but we know that when a political decision is made, it will be implemented quickly, and we have seen this with our own eyes in Sarikani and Gri Spi [two cities in Syria Kurdistan which are currently under the control of Turkey-backed forces]," he said.

"We need to know that every government takes action based on its own national interests, and every political and military approach is defined within that framework," Mr. Darwish added.

The representative of the Democratic Syrian Council in the Iraqi Kurdistan region went on to say: "since the day the revolution began in Syrian Kurdistan, we have not built our existence on the presence of the United States, Russia and any other power, and from the beginning and now our achievements are tied to the will of our people."

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